Pedimax Enfants



Children get nutrients from the food they eat, yet many do not get the sufficient amount. To secure healthy growth, it is particularly important that children get enough of the essential vitamins and minerals. Such essentials enhance the development of the brain and body and improve the child’s ability to learn and study.

It is important that you teach your child to eat a variety of health food , but a vitamin ”safety net” in the form of a daily multivitamin tablet, could spare you some worries during your child’s early years.

If you feel that your child is often: tired, nagging, sensitive, irritable, violent, has a weak immune system, often tend to be ill, or has learning/behavioral problems; it might be signs of vitamin deficiency.

With Pedimax Enfants Multivitamin, be sure that whatever your child eats, Pedimax will supplement all the necessary vitamins and minerals and regulate any potential deficiency.


Pedimax Enfants is presented in tasty chewable tablets. Suitable for children aged 3-15 years.

Pedimax Composition: table below

*Recommended Daily Allowance