CURAMED Lozenges



Intensive Throat Care:

Throat infections are very common in both children and adults.
Many people think that antibiotics are the solution. However, the most common causes of sore throats are due to viruses; where antibiotics are not effective.
Taking antibiotics for colds and other viral illnesses not only won’t work, but it can also have dangerous side effects. Over time, frequent and inappropriate use of antibiotics actually helps create bacteria that are harder to kill, so the antibiotics will no longer work. This is called bacterial resistance.

Curamed contains natural, healthy and documented ingredients that are effective against throat infections.

Natural Colostrum (first milk of the cow)
is full of antibodies and nutrients that help to fight
infections, especially sore throats.
Colostrum also smooths your throat.

Vitamin C & D boosts the immune system against
bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin B3 Helps to keep your throat germ-free.


  • 3 - 15 years: up to 5 pastilles daily
  •  Above 15 years: up to 10 pastilles daily

Lemon flavored pastilles, should be sucked slowly
Start as soon as you feel tingling in the throat